Serves 2-4

Who doesn’t love Fajitas? And with steak, they’re even more satisfying. This recipe comes from some experimenting in the kitchen and visiting different Mexican spots I’ve encountered around the world. I’ll always go back and ask, “What did they put in that?” In an attempt to figure it out on my own, here’s a special recipe I’ve created.  Allow 45 minutes to cook this dish.

Here’s What You’ll Need:

1lb NY Strip Steak

2 Tbsp Olive Oil

½ Onion

3 Peppers

1 Lime

2 Lemons

1 Tsp Salt

½ Tsp Pepper

McCormick Montreal Steak Seasoning

To start, I like to cut up everything and get it all prepped. This makes the cooking less stressful. I’ve provided a picture so you can see how I prepare the ingredients.

An hour before cooking, I like to season the steak on both sides with McCormick Montreal Steak Seasoning (found in most grocery stores). This really helps to flavor the steak while adding additional spices to the fajitas.  If you don’t have access to that particular seasoning, salt and pepper on either side will work just fine.

Cut the onion into rings and then cut those rings in half. For the three peppers: remove the tops by cutting around the stem in a circle. Do the same for the bottom. Discard both top and bottom. Cut what remains into strips. Next, cut the lime and the lemons in half. Discard the lemon seeds. Once you have finished your prep, you can heat the skillet and add 2 Tbsp olive oil. Get the skillet nice and hot. Add the steak. Cook for 3 minutes 30 seconds on each side. Use foil to cover pan. Keep in mind, my steaks were both ¾ inch thick. If yours are skinnier, or thicker, adjust the time accordingly. Don’t be afraid to cut them in half while they cook to check.

Once the steaks are done (and still pink on the inside, fairly undercooked is OKAY for this step), place to the side on a cutting board. Add your veggies, 1 Tsp salt and ½ Tsp pepper to the skillet. Squeeze the juice of 1 lemon into the skillet. Add ½ of second lemon ½ of the lime to the skillet, do not squeeze. Cook veggies for 7 minutes, stirring frequently. While your veggies cook, cut the steak into slices for the fajitas. Make sure your veggies get very juicy and boil down. After 7 minutes, add the steak to your mixture. Cook for an additional 1 minute 30 seconds. If you prefer your steak well done, cook longer.


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